Photos are intentionally pale      
to avoid showing details of these      
custom one-off special purpose machines      
We do not design and build for our customer's competitors.     

our Machine Design Philosophy

Production Machinery and Turnkey Systems

Designed and Built to Meet YOUR Production Needs in


    - Custom Machines
    - Machinery Specially Designed
    - Specialty Production Machinery
    - Precision Custom Built Machinery
    - Specialty Paper Products Machinery
    - Specialty Forest Products Machinery
    - Custom Turnkey Production Systems
    - Converting Machinery for Paper and Nonwovens
    - Bindery and Finishing Machinery and Equipment
    - Unique Solutions for Difficult Production Problems
    - Custom & Special Purpose Graphic Arts Equipment
    - Custom Special Purpose Industrial Machinery and Equipment

      We can modify and upgrade
      your present machinery or system

      to meet your future requirements
      with improved efficiency
      and increased return on investment.

For more information on our
Custom Special Purpose Machinery
and Custom Turnkey Production Systems
please contact us at:

E-Mail: Stroud Graphic Equipment Limited

1 (877) 389-2002  (Canada and U.S.A.)

1 (705) 389-2000    (International)  

We design and build high quality precision custom production machinery, specialized machines, turnkey systems and other unique equipment and custom specialty machinery for the graphic arts, paper converting and packaging industries, as well as for other manufacturing industries - machines which are specifically matched to your evolving product requirements, including modifications and upgrades to your existing machinery, equipment and systems. We will also create special machinery and develop unique custom built machines and systems to manufacture and assemble your distinctive special purpose products, to upgrade your material handling operations and to modernize and streamline your production processes.

Located in Ontario, Canada, we operate from a secluded lakefront property where we have a low overhead and privacy for our client's research and development projects. Notwithstanding, we have daily courier and trucking services to and from international destinations at this location.

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